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commit themselves with this declaration, to the diligent implementation of the statutory requirements on data protection and data safety whilst you are visiting their own homepages. We proactively implement the (German) Federal Data Protection Act as well as the (German)Tele-Service Data Protection Act which governs visits to webpages.

Should you transmit data, especially personal identity data, to the CED Companies we shall ensure through encryption, without exception and pursuant to
§ 4 of the Tele Service Data Protection Act, that such data is not accessible to any third party on the internet or elsewhere.

You can and should be able to feel safe whilst visiting our webpages because

  • confidentiality is ensured
  • your data is handled by us in confidence
  • none of your data will be recorded or reviewed without consent
  • your privacy, identity and data-protection rights are respected.

This is particularly important in the field of insurance and finance. We undertake to comply with the following principles:

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Data collection

While you are visiting our webpages, our server records this automatically purely for statistical purposes to keep us informed of the number of visitors visiting our site. This is done autonomously and no identifiable data is maintained. A direct link to you is not established or maintained in the process. We gauge only the following data:

  • the number of visitors for each webpage visited
  • Date and time of the visits
  • if necessary, the type of system software (Browser, Operating system)

as well as the network connection through which you are accessing our webpages, in order to be able to adapt our server accordingly.

We specifically do not use your internet-address (IP-Address) except to establish the connection. We do not create individual visitor profiles and also do not pass on such data to third party companies for them to enable such visitor profiles. Any personal data that is transmitted to us by you through a webpage (for example: your name, postal address or your email address) will be used by us only for the purpose of correspondence with you or solely for the purpose for which you made the data available to us.

We may wish to use your contact data for the purpose of informing you occasionally about our products, services and innovations. For this purpose, however, we will obtain your permission in advance.

In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, you will be able to opt-out of any Ced marketing. Simply send us a brief message stating your request. We assure you that we will not pass your identity data to any third party unless we are compelled to do this in the form of statutory stipulations or where you have mandated us to pass over your data to a third party.

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Our Measures

  • Our staff is committed to compliance with data-protection in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.
  • If mandated by law, we will gather, process and use your data only if you have declared your approval of such action.
  • At your request we will provide you with information stored about your webpage usage and any personal data gathered together with details of how / where this data has been recorded and used by us.
  • Visits to our website are secured by state of the art technology.
  • Any identity or other data that is transmitted to us by you or similar data that is transferred to you by us will be sufficiently encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.
  • When connected securely to our site you may display our security certificate by double clicking the padlock / security icon in the status bar of your browser.
  • We will not use or install cookies to your computer; in other words we will not store any data remotely on your computer when you visit our site.
  • Compliance with this data-protection declaration will be continuously verified by our data-protection representative and the in-house audit department.

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Your rights

You may revoke your approval for the collection, saving, processing and usage of personal data at any time in respect of past or future usage.

You may obtain information from the CED companies detailing what information about you is saved there and for what purpose.

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For questions in respect of the processing, transmission and usage of your data contact our data-protection representatives. You may also address your information requests, suggestions or complaints to the data-protection representative.

Data-Protection Representative

Michael Blom


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Area of applicability

This data-protection declaration applies to all webpages for which the above-mentioned CED companies are responsible.

CED-Webpages may contain links to the webpages of other companies. This declaration does not extend to such external webpages.

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Applicability of the data-protection declaration

This data-protection declaration is current, valid and dated as from 01.09.2002. Improvements on this declaration will be published here and will apply as from the date of publication.

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